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Eliminate Chest Wrinkles

Defeat Chest Wrinkles

Chest wrinkles are usually caused by sleep position. When you sleep on your side and one breast falls onto the other, wrinkles and creases are formed. While at first you might notice the wrinkles disappear throughout the day but eventually as the wrinkles become deeper they become more permanent. Cosmetic procedures are an option but if you continue to sleep on your side the wrinkles will return.

ChestSavers Lingerie keeps the breasts separated so you are free to sleep on your side and wake up to a smooth, wrinkle free chest. ChestSavers Lingerie encourages the use of moisturizer and is effective in removing present and preventing future chest wrinkles and creases, cleavage wrinkles and neck wrinkles due to side sleeping, bras that encourage cleavage, sports bras, sun damage, gravity, or quite simply---time.
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Eliminate Chest and Neck Wrinkles

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     Get Rid of Chest Wrinkles

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Chest Wrinkles

Cleavage wrinkles. Sounds ridiculous, right? Unfortunately, they are real. If you are reading this then you have probably come to this realization. Just when we thought we had it covered on the anti aging front here comes another age revealing sign you may have never anticipated. Chest wrinkles are often caused when you sleep on your side or stomach and 'boobie smash' occurs. The wrinkles and lines may begin showing at any age but the story is usually the same.

"I started noticing wrinkles on my chest when I first wake up in the morning. They used to eventually disappear but now it seems they are lasting all day."

A slight panic may set in at this point. It's bad enough to watch your chest wrinkle up on an everyday basis but it can feel even worse if you have a special occassion coming up such as a wedding, reunion or vacation. Summertime can also turn into a dreadful time of year. Sad is the day when you think you may have to retire your sexy low cut tops and dresses.


The ChestSaver products are created by women just like you, who woke up to the confusion of seeing their chest skin fold up like an accordion. After much research and diligence the ChestSaver line of anti aging lingerie was created. We realize there are a few options when it comes to removing and preventing decollete wrinkles. Here are a few perks of ChestSavers.

-Beautiful lingerie garments made up of quality materials.

-The Original ChestSaver and the Simply Smooth encourage the use of moisturizer with our Soft Foam Pad.

-Affordable. A ChestSaver is not a monthly purchase. With proper care, you can fight those chest wrinkles for 1-2 years.

-Laser and surgical procedures can cost thousands of dollars and the results are often short lived if your sleeping position remains the same.

-Non invasive.

-Using your ChestSaver easily fits into your regular bedtime routine.

-Comfortable! Although the garments may look a little startling at first glance, they are usually described as feeling like a very light hug.

How to Get Rid of Chest Wrinkles

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