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Best Ways to Wash Your Under Things to Keep Them Lasting Longer

Our under garments, particularly support pieces, have a lot of work to do. The last thing you want to do is put them through unnecessary strain by washing them the wrong way. I know it can be tempting to just toss your bras into the washing machine but a little extra care can go a long way in making sure that they last as long as possible. Also, many panties and shape wear are made of such delicate fabrics that your washing machine can just wreak havoc upon. We all have our favorite "go to" pieces and wouldn't you rather get the most out of that reliable push-up? Here are some techniques to help your pretty things stay pretty. It's not hard and not even very time consuming.

Any pieces made of delicate fabrics such as silk, satin, or lace should always be washed by hand. These fabrics are so fragile and can take a severe beating in a washing machine. Lace in particular can be very easy to rip or tear. Hand washing can go a long way toward preserving the elasticity and shape of any undergarment. Use a few drops of a gentle soap such as Woolite, Ivory Liquid Soap, or even baby shampoo. Just like with the rest of your laundry be sure to separate the pieces by colors. Fill the sink with cool or room temperature water since warm water can be harsh on fabric and break down the fibers.



 Bras, ESPECIALLY those with wires, padding, or special support should always be washed by hand. By washing them in a machine you take the risk of bending the wires and misshaping the padding. Once you have your sink filled drop your bras in and give them a good swirl. The key is to keep it gentle so let them soak for about ten minutes and then get to rubbing on the sweat spots such as under the bust, the straps, and the side bands. Let them soak again for about twenty minutes and then after a cool rinse, reshape the cups and hang to dry.



 Much like washing bras, fill the sink with cool water, add the soap, give a swirl. Make sure to pay attention to any soiled areas and then allow them to soak for about twenty minutes. Give then a cool rinse and it's time to dry. Don't wring or twist! Instead lay each piece flat on a towel to air dry.



 Nylons and stocking are especially prone to damage if not treated well. Same as before, hand wash in cool water with a few drops of soap. Make sure to pay attention to the crotch and foot areas. As you are swirling and rubbing make sure that there is nothing on your hands that will snag the material such as jewelry or chipped fingernails. After a cool rinse either lay flat to dry or loop the legs around a drying rack. Be careful when hanging to dry since the weight of the wet legs can cause stretching.



 Same idea. Hand wash in cold water with mild soap. Pay attention to sweaty areas such as armpits, stomach, and crotch areas (depending on each type.) Rinse with cold water. Don't wring or twist. Dry these the same as you would panties by reshaping and lying flat on a towel to air dry.



By treating your undergarments well, they will treat you well back!