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Weekend Checklist to Make the Week Run Smoother

Ahhh, the weekend. That Saturday and Sunday feeling. The object of so many songs of all genres. The weekend provides much needed relief from the stresses and responsibilities of another long week. It all begins with that giddy, tingly, warm hug feeling that begins to take over sometime during Friday afternoon.

Sure, you need the weekend to recover and binge watch Netflix. You can also make the following week run much smoother if you fit in some duties in between naps.

Weekend Checklist


Start With a List

Making lists has been proven to lead to a more productive lifestyle. Start by getting organized with a list of everything that you want to get done during the weekend and then a separate list of the things that absolutely have to be done during the week. For that weekday list make every effort to take care of those tasks early in the week. The sense of accomplishment will go a long away towards creating a stress-free week.


Get Your Shopping Done

Find out what time your regular stores open on the weekends and hit them up EARLY. Beat the crowds and save yourself some time standing in line and sitting in traffic by getting your errands done before everyone else has even gotten out of bed. Another good reason to go early is that the store shelves are usually fuller.


The Joy of Laundry

Wash every stitch of dirty laundry in the house during the weekend. Although we all know that there’s nothing more fun than realizing you need to do a load of laundry at 11:00 pm on Wednesday.

Set aside 5 tentative weekday outfits in a separate area of your closet so you don’t have to search for something to wear if you’re in a hurry.


Make Dinner

The crock pot is your best friend when it comes to making healthy meals that can last for days. Here is a list of some great crock pot recipes to get you through the week. Pair with some steamed vegetables and your off to a feel-good week.


Make Lunch

Avoid the temptation of a fast food lunch or the rush of packing something in the morning with this list of make ahead lunches. You’ll save time and money and feel much better than if you were to hit the value menu.


Pay Bills

Set aside a half an hour on the weekend to sort through and schedule bill payments. While you’re at it check your bank accounts and credit card accounts to make sure no suspicious activity has occurred. One less thing to worry about during a busy week.


Catch Up on Emails and Phone Calls

A loaded inbox can be very overwhelming. Take the time during the weekend to sort and clean out personal emails. Kick back in your favorite spot and take the time to make any personal calls to catch up with friends and family.


Clean House

A thorough house cleaning can be an all day ordeal but you can start the new week fresh just by tackling a few tasks. Make sure all dishes are clean, floors vacuumed, and clutter picked up.


Wrap it Up With a Bath

It’s been a busy weekend! Take a load of and finally relax in a warm, soothing bath. Add some lavender oil to help you get a full night of sleep and feel ready to start the new week!