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What To Do When You've Had Too Much Coffee

Too much of a good thing isn't always a good thing.

 Mmmm.....coffee. For many of us it's the only way to start the day. The warm mug between your hands on a chilly winter morning. The friend that you take with you as you get dressed and make the drive to work. A weekend ritual. Many times the foundation of a social gathering. Coffee is wonderful. But just like with all good things, it can be easy to overdo. The thing that you depended on to get you going and focused ends up leaving you feeling jittery, anxious, and downright ill. So what do you do then?


Signs That You've had Too Much Coffee

 You probably don't need an expert to tell you when you've gotten carried away with the java. So go ahead and nod your head at the list of signs that you've gone too far:

 -Feeling jittery.

-Rapid heartbeat.




-Feeling dizzy.

-Unable to fall asleep.


As if that isn't bad enough, there are some pretty serious risks in feverishly guzzling the good stuff:


-Heart Palpitations.



-Stomach Ulcers.

-Increase in Blood Pressure.

-Cardiac Arrest.



Wow, that was fun wasn't it? (Not.) Ideally the goal is to keep coffee consumption in moderation. But if you do hit a point where you feel like you have gone too far here are some tips to counteract it. (Note: I am not a doctor and this is not intended as medical advice. If you feel a serious risk or danger has occurred, seek medical help immediately.)


 Drink Water

Caffeine is dehydrating. Replace your coffee cup with a water bottle.



Fruits and veggies are your friend when you've got the jitters. High in minerals and vitamins, they can help absorb the caffeine. Reach for low sugar produce such as celery, bell pepper, and cucumber. Replenish your vitamin C with an orange, apple, or banana.



Sometimes the only way to burn off the extra energy is to use. But, do so with caution and don't overdo it. Do not put your heart through extra stress. If you feel you have reached the point of emergency, please contact medical help right away.



In through the nose, out through the mouth. This is also an exercise  to keep in mind during moments of nausea or heavy stress.



Sometimes some downtime is the only thing that will do. Take some time out and sit or lie down by yourself without noise or stress. Relaxing oils like lavender are a calmer downer so dab a bit on your upper lip and breathe. The world can wait.