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Why Wait? Get a Great Start to the New Year NOW!

Here it is again. We are on the cusp of another New Year. Can you believe 2018 is almost over? It seems that not so long ago we were wrapping up 2017 with new goals and ambitions for 2018. Did you check off all the boxes on that list? If you are like the majority of us, that answer is 'ha ha, no.' So why do most New Year resolutions fail? Many psychological factors can contribute such as procrastination and self doubt. So what's one way to overcome those obstacles? Don't wait! Start incorporating those changes now while a few precious days of this year remain. Even if you aren't ready to go to the extreme, there are small simple ways to prepare your new life for a new year while still enjoying the rest of this one.


New Years Resolutions


Make A List

 We here at ChestSavers are crazy about lists. We make a list for everything. Start simple by making a list of what you truly want to accomplish in 2019. With each item, include bullet points breaking down how you will achieve each goal. Visualization is a very powerful tool and when you put pen to paper you can see your ambition in progress, thereby making it more of a reality. Also make a list of the things you would like to accomplish before this year's end to help create a cleaner start.


Clean Up

 Streamline your life by cleaning up your home in time for January 1. Have all your laundry wrapped up, no dishes in the sink, and run the vacuum. If you have a little extra time off work, think about tackling that cluttered garage. Julie Pennell has some great tips for organizing your garage.


Get Ready for Taxes

 Does your filing system consist of bills and receipts stuffed in a trash bag? Organize your documents in one of these and get another one for next year so you can stay organized all year.


Organize Your Finances

 If you didn't meet your financial goals in 2018, make 2019 the year to beat. Take a good look at your credit card balances and any other debts. If an option, look into transferring balances to lower interest and consolidate payments. Talk to a financial advisor to find discover your best options.


Start Cutting Back the Calories

 There's still a few days left to grub before you start that new diet but it wouldn't hurt to get a jump start on getting healthy. After all, waking up on January 1 and feeling bloated and sick does not exactly equate a fresh start. Bring smoothies into your life with these recipes and start the cleansing now.


Be Safe!

 New Year's Eve is a dangerous night for many reasons. Whatever your resolutions may be or your plans for bidding farewell to 2018, please be safe and cautious! Never drink and drive, and beware of those who do. The best start you can make in 2019 is to wake up in it.