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Why ChestSavers?

Chest wrinkles from sleeping

The most common cause of chest wrinkles and creases are caused by sleep position. When you sleep on your side, and one breast rests atop of the other, wrinkles and creases are formed. The delicate chest skin is creased by the weight of the breast. In addition to the wrinkles and/or creases, the elasticity being tested time after time can also lead to crepey skin on the chest.

Though not as common, cleavage enhancing bras and tight sport bras can also contribute to the formation of chest wrinkles and creases. If wrinkles or creases develop while you are wearing these garments, repeated use of them will introduce these wrinkles and/or creases to your chest. The usual solution to this issue is to make sure you are wearing the correct bra size for your body. If there are new wrinkles and/or creases on your chest when wearing a bra of any style you may want to assure you are wearing the correct size.

Chest Wrinkles Before and After

Additionally, chest wrinkles and creases can be due to, or exaggerated by, sun exposure, poor diet, dehydration or aging. (Please see our Instructions/Advice page and scroll down to “Tips for achieving a Smoother Décolleté” for more information).

The ChestSaver products were created by women just like you. 
Some of the benefits of choosing ChestSavers:
-Beautiful lingerie garments made up of quality materials.
-The Original ChestSavers and the Simply Smooth can be used with or without moisturizers.
-Affordable. ChestSavers is not a monthly purchase. With proper care you can smooth away chest wrinkles for 1-2 years.
-Free Replacement Pads (if needed).
-Using ChestSavers easily fits into your regular bedtime routine.
-Comfortable. It is as if you're wearing a bra.
-Non invasive.
If you have any questions you may email us at Service@ChestSavers.com.