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Valentine's Day Edition Satin & Lace Original ChestSaver

Valentine's Day Edition Satin & Lace Original ChestSaver

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The most common cause of chest wrinkles is side sleeping.
When one breast rests on the other, wrinkles and creases are formed. Since 47% of people sleep on their side, chest wrinkles are common and yet often not talked about.

The Original ChestSaver removes and prevents chest wrinkles by keeping your breasts separated while you sleep. As easy to wear as a bra and as comfortable as a light hug, there's no need to change your sleep position to avoid those pesky chest wrinkles. The Original ChestSaver in Satin keeps things smooth with an elegant satin front. The ChestSaver separates in the center with a thin strip of velcro so you can customize your fit. As an added benefit, your ChestSaver includes a soft foam pad so you are free to use any moisturizer of your choice while keeping the ChestSaver clean as well as helping your delicate chest skin absorb every bit of your moisturizer. It's the ultimate in beauty sleep.

Backing Choices: The backing is the material on the inside of the ChestSaver, the part that touches your skin. We offer two backing choices so you can customize your comfort.

                Original Fleece: Referred to as 'original' because when the ChestSaver was first created this was the only backing we offered. Much like a fleece blanket, this backing is very soft and plush.

                Soft Cotton: The most popular backing choice. Much like a soft cotton t-shirt, this fabric is very comfortable in any temperature.


Sizing is based on general bra band sizing. Choose your typical bra band size for best fit. if in doubt, feel free to request an extender at no charge.


*Shipping times may vary. Contact us at service@chestsavers.com for an estimated shipping date.