Original NeckSaver Satin

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Original NeckSaver Satin


Neck wrinkles and sagging are the typical result of sleep habits, mobile device use, gravity and age. The Original NeckSaver works to smooth out wrinkles and sagging with the help of the included foam pad, which encourages the penetration of the moisturizer of your choice as well as keep the skin flattened and smooth. Avoid the dreaded "tech neck" by wearing while using your cell phone or tablet.


Backing Choices: The backing is the material on the inside of the NeckSaver, the part that touches your skin. We offer three backing choices so you can customize your comfort.

  • Original Fleece: Referred to as 'original' because when the NeckSaver was first created this was the only backing we offered. Much like a fleece blanket, this backing is very soft and plush.
  • Soft Cotton: The most popular backing choice. Much like a soft cotton t-shirt, this fabric is very comfortable in any temperature.