Winter Skin Tips

Winter Skin Tips

Winter is a glorious time of year. Beyond the holidays remains the joy of puffy sweaters, warm fireplaces and comfort foods. Winter however does bring challenges, besides navigating through snow and rainstorms. Dry itchy skin is another downfall. Here are some quick tips to keep your skin happy and get the most out of what is left this winter season.

-Avoid taking a hot shower or bath. As good as it feels to escape the cold in a steaming hot shower, hot water strips your skin of oils making it dry and irritated. So grit your teeth and turn up the cold water. Your energy bill will thank you too.

-Avoid moisturizers containing alcohol. Which includes too many of them to mention. One option is plain original Vaseline. It is also great for lips which also suffer greatly in the winter. If you have the time consider making your lotion, there are countless recipes that include natural ingredients. Best of all when you make it yourself, you know exactly what is in it.

-Keep a humidifier in your bedroom. Warming your home with forced air is very drying to the environment of your home. Run a humidifier while you sleep and keep your bedroom door closed to help restore some moisture to the atmosphere.

-Keep knit sweaters away from direct contact with your skin. Knit sweaters are warm and cozy but they can irritate your skin. Keep gentle fabrics such as silk or cotton in contact with your skin and layer the knit over.

-Don't forget the sun. Just because the sun appears to be hiding doesn't mean the harmful effects no longer exist. Harmful UV rays can still damage your skin so don't stop applying the sunscreen when winter comes around.